Palm Reading : Learn To Decode the Story That Exists Right at Your Fingertips

Palm Reading

If you’re going through life feeling that you’ve got everything under control, then good for you. Another choice is right in front of your eyes. Palm reading and angel number are a new concept in the world of health and wellness. Keep riding that wave, really. But for the rest of us, there’s probably at least one or two aspects of our lives that aren’t quite right, whether it’s a drab work, love-life drama that goes beyond “it’s difficult,” or something else entirely.

That’s why each piece of information that’s meant to make life a little simpler feels like a straight-up gift when it comes our way. It might be in the form of advice from your best friend, but it can also be spiritual or metaphysical in character. (Have you checked Co-Star in the last 24 hours?) Another alternative is right in front of your eyes. Say welcome to palmistry.

While the origins of the technique are unknown, research indicates that it has been utilised to illuminate a person’s distinctive storey for a long time. (And, let’s face it, it’s just plain intriguing, which should be enough of a motivation to learn more about it, right?)

Palm Reading

Bonus: According to Helene Saucedo, an Atlanta-based palm reader who operates Handful of Stars palm readings out of a beautifully restored vintage camper, you don’t have to be a palmistry specialist to understand a few of the essentials that come with palm reading.

So, light a candle and make yourself at home. Saucedo reveals her techniques for evaluating your own hand from the comfort of your own home in the video below (or camper). (Check out Cassandra Easson’s A Little Bit of Palmistry for additional information on palm reading.)

Keep the following four lines in mind for Palm Reading:

The four major lines that every hand possesses are the most fundamental method to learn palm reading. The lines on your hand do move with the changes that occur in your life. Take a snapshot of your hand in the daytime to chart the changes from year to year. While a variety of lines are likely to pass through your hands, professional readers focus on the following four:

Line of the heart:

Located on the top of the hand, this symbol represents your emotional condition.

In the headline:

Mentality is indicated by the location of your hand below your heart line, in the centre of your hand.

Line of Life:

The line that runs around your thumb, just below the heart line, denotes energy.

Stability line (sometimes referred to as your Fate line):

Starting at the bottom of your palm and rising up your middle finger, it rises through the centre of your hand, indicating how you feel about the life you make.

Saucedo, who also wrote Handful of Stars: A Palmistry Guidebook and Hand-Printing Kit, adds that the general form of a line, whether it’s curved or straight, indicates how flexible that portion of you is. Saucedo says an extremely curved heart line that appears like a half-circle, for example, indicates a caring, open, and emotional personality. If your heart line is straight, you may be more restrained or self-contained when it comes to your emotions.

There are also significant variations between straight and curved head lines to consider. A curving head line denotes creativity, whereas a straight head line denotes someone who is extremely logical and enjoys logistics—“black and white, yes or no,” Saucedo adds.

However, Saucedo is keen to remind out that, contrary to popular perception, the life line has nothing to do with your life expectancy. It has more to do with how satisfied you are with your life. “It’s simply a component of your life where you could feel like the rug was yanked out from under you if it fades out,” she adds. “However, that doesn’t imply you’re sick or anything.”

Yes, line depth and length are important

The deeper and darker the lines on your palm, according to Saucedo, the more stable that portion of you is. A person with a deep heart line, for example, suggests emotional resilience or strength; if it is lighter, that individual may be more sensitive or fragile.

Your palm’s length of lines also tells a narrative. According to Saucedo, a person with a short head line, for example, does not indicate intellect, but rather that they may have difficulty focusing.

Consider the shape of your hand

According to Saucedo, palm reading and astrology interact when it comes to the form of your hand. Hand shapes fit into one of the four elements that assist to determine zodiac signs: earth, water, fire, and air. Saucedo explains, “[This] has to do with whether our palm is square or rectangular, as well as whether we have short or long fingers.”

The four elements and their related hand physicality are as follows:

  • Earth: Short fingers with a broad, square palm
  • Water: Palms that are long or oval, and fingers that are lengthy
  • Fire: Short fingers with a long palm
  • Air: Long fingers with a square palm

According to Saucedo, the traits connected with each of the components have properties with astrological elements.

  • Earth: logical and practical
  • Water: Sensitive and open-minded
  • Fire: tense or restless
  • Air: Intelligent and adaptable

Look for your gift with your dominant hand

While both hands contribute to the depth of your reading, Saucedo believes that your dominant hand best symbolises who you are right now. Your non-dominant one, on the other hand, provides information to your fate.

This isn’t to suggest that your non-dominant hand possesses crystal-ball-like, tell-you-how-your-life-will-end-up abilities. Rather, your recessive hand demonstrates “the knowledge of what you’ve been through,” according to Saucedo. So, even if your dominant hand is a jumble of “What am I doing?” When you ask yourself, “Where am I going?” you may rely on your recessive hand to show you how things will turn out all right once you get there.

Palm reading should not be confused with psychic powers

Consider palm reading to be a language that you, or anybody else, can learn. This is crucial to understand because, according to Saucedo, palm reading and psychic abilities are frequently confused—yet the two have nothing to do with each other. She claims that “anyone can read palms—all it’s visual and tangible.” “I’m not getting any messages from spirits or anything like that. I merely picked up the language from the lines on your hand.” And now you have the foundation to do the same.