Essential Oils For Stretch Marks

essential oils for stretch marks

If you have a stretch mark and would like to get rid of it, you can try essential oils for stretch marks. There are several benefits of these oils, including their ability to fight stretch marks. In this article, we’ll talk about Gotu kola oil, Lavender oil, Pomegranate oil, and Neroli oil. Read on to discover more about these oils and what they can do for your skin.

Stretch marks are scars caused by excessive stretching of the skin. Stretch marks typically appear on areas subject to rapid stretching, such as the stomach, thighs, and hips. After pregnancy, as the body recovers from a near total physical change, the dermis is stretched out and loses its elasticity, which results in stretch marks.

Stretch marks are part of life, and beauty. Unless you live under a rock or haven’t looked at a mirror lately, you’ve probably seen stretch marks, and maybe even a few. They are considered unsightly, and while unsightly they might be very functional. They can show where muscles have been stretched, like when you grow taller, or from a pregnancy. Or, they could be from an injury, like when you get your knee skinned on a bike or running injury. Stretch marks are not harmful to your health, and for most people, they are a nuisance.

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essential oils for stretch marks

Essential Oils For Stretch Marks

Gotu kola essential oil

Getu kola is a potent oil that has numerous benefits for the skin, including the ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This substance has antioxidant properties and increases the production of collagen and elastin. These qualities help promote young and vibrant skin. You can even incorporate gotu kola into your daily skincare routine. But before you use it as a treatment for stretch marks, consider these advantages:

Lavender essential oil

The use of Lavender essential oil for stretch marks is a proven method to reduce the appearance of these unsightly scars. It can be mixed with other essential oils and applied as a compress or shower gel. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use this remedy. However, it may reduce stretch marks and keep the surrounding skin healthy. The severity of stretch marks depends on various factors, including your genetics, hormone levels, and the amount of stress you’re putting on your skin. To reduce your chances of developing these marks, you should consume healthy foods and exercise regularly. Using lavender essential oil for stretch marks is a complementary therapy.

Pomegranate essential oil

The combination of pomegranate and dragon’s blood extracts is said to improve skin elasticity, thickness, and hydration, which could help to prevent stretch marks. While research on the effectiveness of these two essential oils is mixed, some users say that the oil can help to fade stretch marks faster. Among the other essential oils, neroli is a plant from the Rutaceae family. Its blossoms are used in traditional medicines for lightening skin and treating scars.

Neroli oil

You may have heard about the benefits of neroli oil for stretch marks, but did you know that it also helps heal various types of skin conditions? This oil is known to boost skin elasticity and regenerate skin cells. Its strong antioxidant properties also make it a good choice for massage oil. Neroli oil is best used in combination with a carrier oil, such as almond oil, for maximum effectiveness. Moreover, it smells great!

Argan oil

While the effects of some essential oils on skin health may not be obvious, they are often effective in helping to reduce stretch marks. Argan oil, which comes from the kernels of the argan tree, is known for its elasticity and moisturizing properties. Studies have shown that women with postmenopausal skin who consumed argan oil regularly, experienced a reduction in stretch marks. It may be helpful to include a few drops of argan oil in your skincare routine, but always remember to dilute it first in a carrier oil.

Rosehip oil

If you’re looking for a natural remedy for stretch marks, you’ve probably heard of Rosehip oil. This natural moisturizer contains a high amount of Vitamin A, which helps your skin remain supple and hydrated. It also contains Linoleic Acid, which helps regenerate lipid biolayers and soften scar textures. Applied directly to stretch marks, it can help lighten them while also tightening skin. For best results, massage the oil into the affected area a few times daily. You should see a significant lightening within a few months.

Patchouli oil

One essential oil with an ancient history is patchouli. It was once used to protect cashmere shawls from moths during a Victorian English winter. Today, patchouli is a highly-prized ingredient for its regenerative properties and promising potential as a stretch mark treatment. It also helps to tighten skin, heals scars, and encourages new cell growth. Read on to learn about its beneficial effects on stretch marks and scars.