Essential Health Services That Should Be Provided By The Government

Essential Health Services

We all wish for the day when the government provides its citizens with all the essential health services that should be provided by the Government. Of course, I am not talking about a single service only. In fact, the Government must provide for the complete health care of its people. It cannot do it alone.

Nowadays, it has become very common to see people suffering from different diseases. The list of diseases is so long and seemingly endless, that it seems unreal to think that the government is able to provide for all the essential health services that should be provided by the government. The fact is that the government has the responsibility to ensure that you are healthy and continue to lead a happy life. The country simply cannot afford to let its people suffer from such poor health conditions. In fact, it is one of the key reasons why the economy of the country is facing problems of stagnation and low growth. If the economy were not going well, then the gross domestic product would have surely declined.

Essential Health Services

There are many essential health services that should be provided by the government. The first on the list is healthcare. The government must invest more in research and development of new technologies to help the medical industry improve. It must also ensure that all the employees of the medical institutions are adequately equipped with the latest technology and training. This will help them carry out their duties better.

Another essential health services that should be provided by the government is nutrition counseling. The food pyramid guide recommended by the government must be strictly followed by the residents of the country. This food pyramid guide helps the residents in making healthy dietary decisions and allows them to lead a healthy lifestyle. As most of us do not follow the nutritional values set forth in the guide, this could have a great impact on the overall health of the nation.

Essential health services that should be provided by the government include immunizations. immunizations are highly important to prevent the occurrence of diseases and illness. The immunization program conducted by the government targets those communities which are at higher risk of contracting communicable diseases. Also part of the immunization program is screening of pregnant women, children and adults at high risk groups to monitor their health to try and reduce the risk of communicable diseases.

Another essential service is testing for cholera. This disease is caused by a bacteria called dysentery. It causes diarrhea, vomiting and fever. Public utilities should also be used to prevent the spread of dysentery by maintaining proper sanitation.

Fire prevention is also another service that is crucial. Emergencies and fires are always unpredictable. Proper fire prevention should be implemented to avoid casualties and losses. Public utilities such as telecommunication companies should also be employed to prevent the spread of fire.

Among all these essential health services that should be provided by the government, heart disease is on the rise. The government should work on reducing the number of deaths from heart diseases. Prevention is better than cure. The government can work to promote better diets and exercise programs to reduce the cases of heart disease in the country.

Diabetes is another rising concern. The government can encourage greater consumption of fruits and vegetables and reduce cholesterol intake. It can also develop public education campaigns and provide funds for community gardens.

These diseases are all preventable. Prevention is always better than cure. Public utilities can be employed to create walking and exercise routes. Hospitals can be designed to provide medical assistance if necessary.

A healthy and a fit society require healthy people. A government that provides essential health services that should be provided by the government is one that cares for its people. It is not only about being polite or making the air smell fresh. A government that does its best to ensure that the basic needs of its people are met can be seen in the city park, in its hospitals, in its schools, in its residential neighborhoods, in the welfare offices and at the customs and immigration checkpoints. A government that ensures that its citizens have access to these basic necessities can be seen in the Corporation or the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.