Health Benefits of Sugar Free Chocolate

Sugar Free Chocolate

A few years back, it was believed that sugar free chocolate was nothing more than an excuse for a higher price for chocolate. Now, it’s a fact that the right food choice can actually be Benefits of Sugar Free Chocolate to our health. It’s not only sugar free that is beneficial but also good fats and proteins, as well as vitamins A, C and E. And we should never compromise between taste and nutrition. You just might find yourself falling in love with this delicious food all over again!

Sugar Free Chocolate

One of the greatest benefits of chocolate, besides the obvious delicious taste, is that it is good for you. That’s right – all natural sugar. It is very similar to the sugar found in regular chocolate, but without the calories and unhealthy components. When eaten in moderation, it can also provide significant protection against heart disease and certain cancers. Not to mention the benefits for your weight loss!

Top benefits of chocolate are not only for eating though. It is also great for making chocolate drinks. Just add ripe dark berries, molasses, pure vanilla, cinnamon or honey to your favorite drink and watch it turn out fabulous. These natural sugars can add flavor and moistness to any drink.

But let’s get back to the chocolate! How can one forget to include cocoa or chocolate chips? These dark, richly-flavored chips can provide you with that burst of caffeine you need to get through your day, or have after dessert!

There are two popular types of sugar free chocolate. The first is made from cacao, which is the edible part of the bean. This type of chocolate has a very full, bitter-sweet taste. The other is made from chocolate bits, which is the sweet, tender, crumbly stuff in the middle of the chocolate bar. Both have a distinct taste and a great, satisfying texture.

Top benefits of sugar free chocolate include its ability to satisfy cravings. Just like other forms of sweets, people crave a little sugar when they are feeling hungry. But in this form, there is less or even no added sugar to make it sweeter. So what do you have to lose?

Not only are these chocolates good for your waistline, but they are great for your heart health too! Studies show that they contain flavonoids and antioxidants that may lower your risk of heart disease. The levels of flavonoids increase your HDL, which is good for your heart, and reduce your LDL, which is bad for your arteries.

And speaking of arteries, they can be protected just by consuming this sweet treat! Flavonoids and antioxidants help to protect your blood vessels from hardening and narrowing, which is a major cause of cardiovascular disease. You know how when you have too much cholesterol in your bloodstream your risk for clogged arteries increases dramatically? Well, by eating sugar free chocolate you can reverse that and even eliminate clogged arteries altogether. That’s why I consider them the top 10 health benefits of sugar free chocolate.

Just as important as they are for your heart and your arteries, the sugar content of your chocolate affects your blood sugar level. When you consume too much sugar it leads to excessive amounts of insulin and glucose in your bloodstream. High amounts of insulin lead to obesity, which is one of the leading causes of diabetes. Eating sugar free chocolate helps prevent diabetes and can also help keep blood sugar levels within a healthy range.

Top 10 health benefits of sugar free chocolate include preventing cancer. Studies have shown that those who consume at least 20 grams of chocolate per day have a decreased risk of certain types of cancer. These include colorectal cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer. Women who are diabetic or hyperglycemic may benefit too. It has been established that consuming sugar free chocolate can reduce blood sugar levels, which helps to prevent diabetic complications. As an added benefit, those with high blood pressure, heart disease, or cholesterol problems may find that eating more dark chocolate helps to lower their cholesterol levels.

Top 10 health benefits of sugar free chocolate include reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the medical condition that occurs when hard plaques forms in the artery walls. Hardening of the arterial walls can result in hardening of the plaque itself, which leads to the formation of a dangerous heart attack or stroke. Sugar free chocolate reduces the risk of atherosclerosis by releasing the plaques naturally and by enhancing the body’s ability to remove them.

As you can see, the benefits of sugar free chocolate extend far beyond the sweet taste it provides. In addition to the many health benefits, it is also a low-calorie, sugar-free snack that provides a number of nutrients including fiber, calcium, iron, and protein. By eating a serving a day, you can reap the many benefits of this tasty treat and maintain good health, as well as cutting back on your calories and improve your nutrition.